Sustainable Progress, Eyes Wide Open

CapsFund offers crypto investment solutions for institutions, financial professionals, and individuals across the world. The sustainable financial growth of our investors through all phases of the crypto market is our top priority. In pursuit of this, using cutting-edge data science technologies and strict innovative risk management methods which are designed to hedge the highly volatile crypto market, are embedded across our business.

Tons of Tech behind each decision.

Billions of Data Points are being processed every second.

Through A to Z Data-Driven analysis, using high-end Data Science technologies, Artificial Intelligence, and Machine Learning algorithms on a vast variety of data, we know best how to invest in the crypto market.

It’s all about Risk Management.

We are bringing Chaos into Order.

Using our unique innovative methods in Quantitative Risk Management, made us able to cross the crypto market deep-sea safely. Our Mathematics-Based Risk Management methods not only made us keep our portfolios safe even on the bloodiest days of the market with the lowest drawdown possible but also outperformed the market even on its best days.

Deep Vision comes from Experience.

Surrounded by data, Starved for insights.

High-end technologies, vast data sets, and the best resources will do nothing unless sufficient experience tells you how to use them. Experiencing the crypto market since its early days, CapsFund is beside you to be among “The Chief Minority” throughout all different phases and cycles of it.

CAPSFUND is here for you

Our funds provide investors with the full spectrum of exposure to the space,
ranging from Low-Risk Profile fund to High-Risk Profile fund.